Personal Watercraft [gallery]
Luxury Boat Rentals has several waverunner jetskis that are available for rent. Ride the waves all day with these personal watercrafts that are designed to hold one - three people.

Paddle Boats
Luxury Boat Rentals is now offering paddle boats for rent! Paddle boats are ideal for sightseeing, exercising, and spending quality time with family & friends. They are a great way to fully enjoy the beautiful Lake Travis.

Pontoon Boats [gallery]
Luxury Boat Rentals has pontoon boats available for rent. We offer two different sizes: [1] 20 FT PONTOON which holds up to 10 people and [2] 24FT PONTOON which will hold up to 12 people.
Pontoon boats are good for low key things like fishing or just hanging out on the water. They offer a slower ride with deck space and seating. Pontoon boats aren't designed or equipped to pull skiers, wakeboarders, or any kind of inner tubes.

Ski Boats [gallery]
Luxury Boat Rentals has 3 different price levels of ski boats available for rent.
[1] STANDARD - [2] DELUXE - [3] TOWER -
All ski boats will hold a maximum of 8 people.

Party Barges